Bentonville Part 1

Earlier this month, the Inclusion Films crew spent two weeks in Bentonville, Arkansas doing a film workshop for local students and filming the Bentonville Film Festival.

Bentonville is the home of a very large retailer you may have heard of (hint: Walmart) and also a very large film festival that speaks to our mission: diversity in film and media.

Our crew of 12 was made up of instructors from our film workshops in California and we were very excited have 6 former students from our programs who were hired in assist in camera, sound, editing and writing for the project.

How’d we end up in Bentonville, Arkansas? Last year, a very passionate student from Northwest Arkansas Community College attended our camp in California and had a blast. She was determined to bring the program back to her hometown and after a series of conversations with our friends in the Special Education and Vocational Rehab departments in Arkansas, here we are!

We packed a lot into our time there, and this week we’ll be sharing the highlights!